Mega Millions Jackpot Prize Continues Growing Bigger and Better

Mega Millions Jackpot Prize Continues Growing Bigger and Better

The Mega Millions lottery is back with a bang and as always, the entire lottery community is in for a shock. The Mega Millions lottery without a doubt is the largest lottery operator in the entire world. It is responsible for making multi-millionaires out of people who could hardly afford to buy their lottery tickets.

The teams at Mega Millions strongly believe in empowering people and giving them several opportunities of changing their lives forever. Therefore, the Mega Millions have been running and powering several games for the lottery games.

 Over time, Mega Millions has become more and more interesting, and decent in terms of prize monies. Millions of people from all over the American region are benefiting from playing lottery games. They are able to fast-track their journey and achieve a monetary boost that could have taken them many years or a lifetime if not for the lottery game.

This time again, the Mega Millions has introduced a lottery amount that has become one of the biggest opportunities for the year 2021. As per lottery officials, if a player ends up winning the jackpot prize, it would be the ninth-largest jackpot prize money that Mega Millions would have ever given out.

As of now, the total prize money accumulated by the Mega Millions for the recent draw is $468 million. Prior to this amount, the total Mega Millions jackpot prize amount was around $440 million.

The reason behind the increase in the total jackpot amount is because no one has been able to match the required numbers in order to win the jackpot prize.

In the last draw, the lucky numbers drawn for the jackpot prize were 68, 44, 41, 18, and 3. On the other hand, the Mega Ball was 3, which is also called the golden ball. Unfortunately, no one was able to match the winning numbers so the jackpot prize would rollover.

Now, the amount has rolled over and another player or player has the opportunity of either taking the entire money or share it among friends.

The officials have claimed that it is after two years that the prize money of the draw has reached such a high amount. While it was discouraging that no one won the jackpot prize from the May 14 draw, yet things have ended up becoming more interesting.

Now the prize money has increased and someone has the opportunity of winning almost half a billion dollars in jackpot prize.

Although there were no winners for the jackpot prize on May 14, yet many other players were lucky enough to have won many prizes. The officials have revealed that more than 1,230,932 tickets have claimed prizes from the particular draw.