Mysterious Person From Euclid Wins US$ 5.9 Million Dollar In Ohio State’s Lotto

Mysterious Person From Euclid Wins US$ 5.9 Million Dollar In Ohio State’s Lotto

Christmas is nearing and what would be better if one wins a lottery and even hits a jackpot. This is what had happened recently in Euclid, Ohio.

Monday, 23rd November, was the day of the Ohio Lottery’s draw. As usual, the draw took place and results were announced. The draw revealed the winning number as 8, 13, 18, 26, 33, 39.

This Monday’s classic jackpot amount was not in million but it comprised of multiple millions. This time’s Ohio Lottery’s jackpot prize was of US$ 5.9 Million.

An official of the lotto informed that luckily the numbers drawn suggest that there is a winner. It was told by the official that the winning ticket belonged to someone in Ohio. Further details suggested that the US$ 5.9 Million ticket was sold in Euclid. The ticket is said to be purchased from a convenience store located in 800 Block of 222nd Street’s at a food mart.

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However, even after the announcement of the winning number, no winner had come forward to claim his US$ 5.9 Million. It was told the ticket holder had himself or herself selected the numbers.

There could be many reason for not showing up, told lotto’s official. He also told that though they know that the ticket was purchased by someone but unfortunately, the ticket was not registered. Only if the ticket had been registered, they themselves had established contact with the lucky winner and given him the news.

As per the rules of the lotto, a winner has approximately 6 months to claim his prize money. In case someone fails to claim the prize money then such a person loses his entitlement over the prize money. However, still no one had showed up and the jackpot is waiting for its winner.

It was told at lotto’s official website that this Monday’s jackpot’s winning odds were one out of 14 million approximately. Since the winning ticket was sold by an authorized retailer of lotto, therefore the seller too will get US$1k prize.

This is the 37th jackpot win in Ohio’s lottery which started way back in the year 2007.

Earlier a prize money of US$ 155,000 was also won by a person residing in Euclid, told lotto’s official.