One-Third of Australians Prefer Having Lottery Win than Have a Partner

One-Third of Australians Prefer Having Lottery Win than Have a Partner

It was just around 15-days back when the entire world celebrated Valentine’s Day on February 14, 2021. While the entire world was celebrating the day of love, The Lottery Office teams were busy preparing a rather unique and unusual survey.

The survey created by the Lottery Office team was straightforward and got to know the real intentions of the people in Australia. The survey had a question that was extremely crucial and alarming for all the couples to answer. The most interesting question in the survey asked the couples if they would trade their partner for a lottery prize win.

Shockingly, many people answered positively, which meant that they were willing to trade their partners for a lottery prize. The most alarming thing about the survey is that one-third of the Australians accepted the offer made by the Lottery Office.

This means that every 1 out of 3 people in Australia is willing to trade their partners in exchange for a lottery prize win.

However, the survey also provides more information that was positive and promising for the couples. It showed that majority of the people in Australia are still loyal to their partners and would never give them up under any circumstances.

The survey revealed that more than 60% were happy about the idea of sharing and celebrating their prize money with their partners. These people also agreed that they would love it if their partners won a prize and they got to enjoy the celebration and the win with them.

However, there were also many other respondents who stated that they would be able to make even better-looking partners. By stating this, the respondents attributed the prize money that would attract many people around them and they would eventually find a partner.

Ever since the survey has been conducted, it has managed to gain a lot of popularity as well as the results that were taken out. One of the local channels from Australia “Channel 7” has dedicated an entire segment to the survey results on the Sunrise show.

Later on, the platform also posted these survey results through several social media platforms such as Facebook. The Facebook team has confirmed that the message shared by the Lottery Office around the survey results has managed to gain more than 3.5k comments from the FB users.

The survey was conducted by the Lottery Office team against one of the top lottery jackpots being held in Australia by the European Millions Superdraw in February. The sources have revealed that the jackpot prize money on the stake was $212 million.

Although the survey has portrayed somewhat of an alarming situation in Australia, yet it is true that many people in Australia have been affected by pandemics.

This is why whenever given the opportunity, Australians would go with logic and choose an option that would secure their future.