Patience Is A Virtue & It Has Proven To A Couple Playing Same Number For 26 Years

Patience Is A Virtue & It Has Proven To A Couple Playing Same Number For 26 Years

Virtue and consistence plays an important role in the life of those who wait with patience and this is not just a saying.

The saying has proved to be 100% correct for a lucky couple residing in the outskirts of North Carolina. The couple had been reported to choose the same combination of lottery numbers for more than 26 years. Just a week ago the moment had come for the couple when they found out that finally their number came out as winning number. They had won a prize money of US$ 366,000.

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Couple shared their story and informed that it had been hard for them to believe they had won the jackpot. They told that they have been trying their luck on the same number for the past 26 years.

Terry Coggeshall told that on Thursday he visited the head office of the lotto which too was located in North Carolina. He told that he had to obtain an online appointment to claim the jackpot amount which he and his beloved had won.

He told further that they couldn’t believe that they had actually won the jackpot in the first place. He told that it was like dream coming true for them of which they haven’t thought of.

He added further that he was in La-Z-Boy having a good time with his old mates when suddenly his wife started to shout. She was watching TV and saying to me while crying that we had just hit the jackpot. Terry couldn’t believe what he was hearing so he grabbed her wife and asked her again. She again joyfully, with tears in her eyes, told him that our wait is over. Finally our favourite number is on the TV telling us that we have won US$ 366,000.

The lovely couple then informed the official of lotto that they had purchased their lucky ticket from a store called Chapel Hill. The official told the couple that your odds of winning were one out of 2.5 million.

Later on the couple added it was not easy to win the jackpot as they had to wait for 26 years. They informed that they played the same number first time when they used to live in Florida.

Though they had won US$ 366,000 but the actual amount in hand after tax will going to be US$ 259,425.