Pennsylvania Lottery Tickets worth a Total $4 Million Sold in Montgomery County

Pennsylvania Lottery Tickets worth a Total $4 Million Sold in Montgomery County

A Pennsylvania Lottery is back again with a huge and surprising announcement for the Montgomery County residents. The announcement is specifically for the lottery players that are regular players of the Pennsylvania Lottery games.

This time, the lottery officials are here to make an announcement not just for one lottery prize winning ticket but two. The lottery officials have made a huge announcement confirming that there are two particular tickets sold that have won a total of $4 million.

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The lottery team has confirmed that both tickets have been sold in Montgomery County but the winners of both prize winning tickets are yet to make an appearance before the lottery officials.

The PA Lottery officials have confirmed that both tickets sold in the Montgomery County are for the Cash 5 Scratch-Off game. It is one of the most favorite and highly played scratch-off lottery game that is powered by the Pennsylvania Lottery.

The lottery operator has confirmed that the first $1,000,000 prize winning ticket was sold from Dunkin’. The particular store that sold the million dollar prize winning Cash 5 lottery ticket is located at 549 Doylestown Road, Lansdale.

The Dunkin’ store will also be receiving a bonus commission worth $5,000 for selling the lucky million dollar prize winning ticket.

As for the $3,000,000 prize winning ticket, it was sold from JK Petro LLC. The particular store is located at 3401 West Moreland Road, Willow Grove. The officials have confirmed that for selling the $3 million prize winning ticket, the store will be receiving a $10,000 bonus commission.

As part of the policy, the prizes for the scratch-off games powered by the Pennsylvania Lottery expire after a year. Therefore, it is extremely important that the players must turn up and claim their prizes before it gets too late.

The lottery officials continue intimating the lottery prize winners that if they do not turn up for their prizes and the expiration date is exceeded, then there is no win for the players.

All the money they win through the lucky ticket gets sent over to charitable causes that the lottery officials already approach.

Although not claiming a prize still ends up serving a noble cause, yet the lottery officials urge the winners to claim their prizes. The major reason behind this is that majority of the lottery players are still very much skeptical about the lottery games.

Many think that lottery games are noting but fake and a maneuver to lure people into spending their money for no gain at all. Therefore, the Pennsylvania wants to get rid of this misconception to ensure that each rightful winner receives his/her prize.

This way, the lottery officials manage to regain the trust of the winners and it also keeps the players’ motivation high as they continue believing that someday, they would also become lucky.