Pennsylvania Powerball Winner Scoops $150,000 with Power Play Multiplier

Pennsylvania Powerball Winner Scoops $150,000 with Power Play Multiplier

Pennsylvania Lottery has its Powerball Power Play winner for the recent draw.

East Norriton is the recent township in Montgomery County to have a major winner in the recent weekend draw of Powerball. The winner has won a sum of $150,000 after having purchased the lucky ticket from the Steppy’s Sports Bar in the township.

The winning number for this particular draw was 12,17,20,21,26 and the red Powerball was 8.

The winning ticket initially won the player $50,000 when they matched the four white balls out of five. It was the extra dollar they spent on the Power Play multiplier that tripled this amount for them and they won $150,000. The Power Play option acts as a booster to your luck, hence avid lottery players usually invest that extra dollar in it. Had it not been for the multiplier, this winner would be taking home just 50 grands home.

The sports bar too received a $500 commission since they were the ones that sold the winning ticket. This specific Steppy’s sports bar is situated on 2912 Swede Road in East Norriton.

The Powerball Jackpot for Wednesday has climbed to an estimated annuity of $168,000,000 and estimated cash of $117,000,000.

The Pennsylvania Lottery has had many winners in the last few days. Joseph M. from Butler County has recently won $10,000 in a Scratch-Off ticket. He and his wife were very happy with a win of theirs. He had purchased a $1,000,000 Extreme Cash ticket from the Saxon Country Market that won him the lottery. Joseph’s brother-in-law has had a chance to be a million-dollar winner of the Pennsylvania Lottery.

Joseph revealed that a few years back he won $1 million by playing one of the Scratch-off games offered by the state lottery.

Another recent winner of the Pennsylvania Lottery Scratch-Off games is Marvin N who purchased the $1,000,000 Riches ticket. This winner too ended up winning $10,000, which he said he would use to repair his car.

The Pennsylvania Lottery has a wide array of lottery games to offer from multi-state to Pennsylvania-only. These games are further sub-divided into Draw Games, Scratch-Offs, Fast Play, and Keno. On the lottery’s official website there are almost eleven draw games including both multi-state and Pennsylvania-only, that it is offering.

Similarly, there are a total of ten Scratch-Off games, with five having been recently added. The cost of scratch-off games ranges from $1 to $30. Fast Play also has many games to its credit and is similar to scratch-off with the exception of there being anything to scratch.

The purpose of the Pennsylvania lottery is to generate funds for the benefit of older residents of the state. For the financial year 2019-202, the lottery generated a revenue of $4.47 billion, thereby making a profit of almost $1.14 billion.