El Gordo Lottery Online – Play Spanish Christmas Lottery Online From Anywhere in the World!

El Gordo Lottery Online – Play Spanish Christmas Lottery Online From Anywhere in the World!

El Gordo Spanish Lottery (ElGordo Lotto) 2020 Online

El Gordo - The Spanish Christmas LotteryPlaying the lottery can be quite the enjoyable experience. You don’t a ot about what you are doing, but you are having fun nonetheless. So if you are looking to start playing a lottery like the Spain El Gordo, we can help you start. It can be a little hard starting a new lottery, especially when you don’t know anything about it. Luckily, here we will go over all of the things that you need to know about the Spain El Gordo Christmas lottery which is known in Spain as the Loteria de Navidad or Elgordo Navidad. .

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Spanish Christmas Lottery History 

The Spain El Gordo or the Spanish Christmas Lottery, is one of the oldest lotteries in the world. Dating back to 1812, it is the second longest going lottery in the world. Surprisingly enough, the lottery continued on throughout major Spanish events.

During the Spanish Civil War, the lottery continued. The republicans at the time had to hold the draws in Valencia, which was the new capital relocated from Madrid. The lottery also continued during the Francoist Dictatorship, after the nationalist party was able to overthrow the Republican Party.

buy Spanish Christmas lottery tickets (Loteria de Navidad)
buy Spanish Christmas lottery tickets (Loteria de Navidad)

The first draw took place in Cadiz on 18th December 1812.

Spanish Christmas Lottery Draw Days and Time

Spain El Gordo has a single draw day and time. Unlike most other lotteries that you can find, the Spain El Gordo is a yearly lottery. Therefore, in contrast to the Mega Millions or Euromillions, there will not be two draws every week. Instead, there will be only one draw every year on Christmas. The draw will usually take place on the 22nd of December.

The location of the draw has changed more than once throughout the El Gordo’s over two century run. During the early days of the El Gordo, the draws occurred in Madrid’s Loteria Nacional hall. The 2010 and 2011 El Gordo took place in the Palacio Municipal de Congresos de Madrid. Finally, in 2012, the venue for the draw was Madrid’s Teatro Real. Since 2012, the Teatro Real is the venue where the draw occurs.

Are There Are Any Special Draws for the El Gordo

El Gordo Spanish Lottery (ElGordo Lotto) Online

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No, there are no special draws for the El Gordo. The El Gordo itself is a special draw of the state’s official lottery. Spain’s weekly national lottery work similarly to most other lotteries in the United States and in Europe. They have one draw every week, which also rollover to the next draw.

On the 22nd of December every year, the weekly state lottery transforms into the El Gordo. It is a unique lottery experience, which ensures that there are a lot of winners every time that the lottery occurs.

Unlike most other types of lotteries, the record jackpots for the El Gordo are not a winner takes all system. Their different prize tiers offer a considerable amount of money, with smaller prizes in the mix. So even if they have a jackpot of over €2 billion, it will not go to a single person.

However, that is not to say that one person is not luckier than everyone else. The number one prize is a large chunk of the original prize. In 2012, the prize for first place was €720 million from a total prize pool of €2.5 billion.

In other words, people will usually receive the same €720 million if they happen to win the first prize. That has more or less been the same since 2012.

Spanish Christmas Lottery Rules

The rules for El Gordo are quite different from most other types of lotteries. Despite using a two ball system as well, the way they go about selecting their winners is very different. One thing is for sure, even if you have played a lottery before, El Gordo will be a new experience.

How Does It Work?

The El Gordo has a very interesting prize system that makes playing it very interesting. You will be buying a ticket, which will have a 5 numbers on it. You can choose the numbers that will be on the ticket. Now you may be wondering, that will only make for 100,000 tickets. And you are not wrong.

So to counter the smaller number of different combinations that you can make, they introduced series. The same combination of numbers will go into different series, allowing two people to have the same combination. So you can have the number 00001 of series 001 and your friend can have 00001 of series 002.

When playing the Mega Millions you will notice that one ball is special and the other five are normal ones. So when they use two machines, they take out one special ball and five normal ones. While El Goro also somewhat follows the same two machine system, it is very different.

One machine draws the numbers that you can find on your ticket, whereas the other one draws out the prize. Therefore, if they happen to announce your number, it is still not certain that you will win the top prize. Whatever prize comes out with the number chosen, they will receive that prize. So if your number 00001 comes out with the top prize, you will get it. Of course, this also means that your friend who had the same number as you will also receive the top prize.

Buying Tickets to Win the Draw

Buying tickets for the El Gordo is very simple. You can find tickets for the lottery through official retailers, or online. However, their tickets are very different from regular lottery tickets. For one, the tickets are considerably more expensive. One ticket for El Gordo costs €200, which is much more expensive than the average lottery ticket.

But another difference between El Gordo tickets and other lotteries is that people can share these tickets. El Gordo tickets come in one tenths, which means that ten people can equally buy one ticket for €20. And if they win, they will receive 10% of all the winnings. so even if you don’t have enough to buy a single ticket, you can buddy up.

The tickets are available at least one month before the draw. And will go on until the 21st of December. You can buy the ticket online anytime that you want, or can buy them in person.

Spanish Christmas Lottery Statistics and Odds

The odds of winning the game are very different from other lotteries. Since there are multiple prizes and different people can have the same numbers, the odds are much lower. Here are the odds for all the different prizes:

  • 1st prize = 1 in 100,000
  • 2nd prize = 1 in 100,000
  • 3rd prize = 1 in 100,000
  • 4th prize = 1 in 50,000
  • 5th prize = 1 in 12,500
  • La padrea = 1 in 56
  • One number below or above jackpot = 1 in 50,000
  • One number below or above 2nd prize = 1 in 50,000
  • One number below or above 3rd prize = 1 in 50,000
  • Three similar digits as jackpot = 1 in 1,010
  • Three similar digits as 2nd prize = 1 in 1,010
  • Three similar digits as 3rd prize = 1 in 1,010
  • Three similar digits as 4th prize = 1 in 505
  • Last two digits as jackpot = 1 in 100
  • Last two digits as 2nd prize = 1 in 100
  • Last two digits as 3rd prize = 1 in 100

These are all the odds of every possible prize that you can win.

Spanish Christmas Lottery Prizes

As we mentioned earlier, there are a lot of different prizes that you can win. In fact there are so many types of prizes that most people will receive some sort of prize. The different types of prizes include:

  • The numbers in brackets refers to how many people can get the prize
  1. Jackpot = €4,000,000 (1)
  2. 2nd prize = €1,250,000 (1)
  3. 3rd prize = €500,000 (1)
  4. 4th prize = €200,000 (2)
  5. 5th prize = €60,000 (8)
  6. La Padrea = €1,000 (1,794)
  7. One number below or above jackpot = €20,000 (2)
  8. One number below or above 2nd prize = €12,500 (2)
  9. One number below or above 3rd prize = €9,600 (2)
  10. Three similar digits as jackpot = €1,000 (99)
  11. Three similar digits as 2nd prize = €1,000 (99)
  12. Three similar digits as 3rd prize = €1,000 (99)
  13. Three similar digits as 4th prize = €1,000 (198)
  14. Last two digits as jackpot = €1,000 (999)
  15. Last two digits as 2nd prize = €1,000 (999)
  16. Last two digits as 3rd prize = €1,000 (999)
  17. Same last digit as the jackpot = €200 (9,999)

There are no prize multipliers in the El Gordo.

Winning a Spanish Christmas Lottery prize through lotteryheroes.com

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Playing through an online lottery can feel very daunting, as you never know where you winnings are going. However, you do not have to worry about your winnings when playing online. When you create an account for lotteryheroes.com, they will ask you for the usual information to sign in. More importantly, this account will be able to hold your money.

With this account you will be making all of the necessary transactions throughout this site. More importantly, all of the winnings that you receive will go into this account. And from there you can take them out whenever you want. You can also check the results of your desired lottery on the website. Simply go through the original page of the lottery, from there you can access the lottery’s results.

Of course, there is one important thing to mention about lotteryheroes.com about their prizes. Not all of your winnings are the same. Therefore, you will receive them at different times. While prizes of €50,000 or lower will directly go into your account, higher than that will take some time. They will have to verify if the prize rightfully belongs to you. After they complete their checks, they will contact you and ask you what you would like to do with your winnings. From there, it is all on you.

Can You Win The Spanish Christmas Lottery From Anywhere in the World?

There are no rules in El Gordo that restrict tourists or international players from participating in the lottery. So if you are playing through lotteryheroes.com, you don’t have to worry about which country you are in. You can play the El Gordo from anywhere in the world.

Simply go to lotteryheroes.com and find the lottery that you are looking for, and buy their tickets. From there, all you need to do is sit down and wait for the results. It is very simple, and does not require you to be in Spain while you play.

How to Win the El Gordo Lottery Jackpot Prize Online?

To win the jackpot, you will need to buy the tickets and wait for the results to release. Now a concern that most people have when playing a lottery like the El Gordo is the lump sum or annuity cash out. But, when playing the El Gordo, you do not have to worry about an annuity or lump sum payment. All of the prizes that you win will be in the form of lump sum.

As for the taxes, those will be applicable to some of your prizes. Amounts that you win under €40,000 are tax free. On the other hand, amounts that exceed that will need to pay a tax of 20% on the total amount. But you do not have to worry about paying this tax. Before you will receive your amount, taxing authorities will cut out the amount from your winnings.

Spanish Christmas Lottery Jackpot Records

Since the jackpots do not change depending on the number of people who buy tickets, there are no record jackpots. Nevertheless, what does change depending on the number of people buying the tickets, is the number of people receiving the top jackpot. And this total ticket also changes how the total jack pot that people will receive that year.

Above we mentioned that there are quantities to the prizes. In other words, multiple people can have the same prize for two reasons. One, people can have the same number and qualify for the prize. Two, they can have a different number, but they paired with a prize so they can have it. So, a friend and you can have two different numbers, but still win category four prizes.

Increasing your chances of winning lotteries – Syndicates

Syndicates are a great way that you can greatly improve your chances of winning a lottery. It is essentially a system where you team up with other individuals to increase the odds of winning. They can all split the cost of buying multiple lottery tickets at the same time, improving your chances of winning. You can do this for multiple lotteries or just for the ones that you want.

You can also permanently team up with a lottery where you will pay them a monthly fee. This monthly fee will go straight to the lottery site, where they will invest in the lotteries of your choice. By going in with a group you are greatly reducing the cost of playing the lottery. And if you win, everyone get their share of the jackpot pie.

Syndicates work on shares, which means that you will have to buy shares before you can enter one. Shares show how big of a part you will be getting of the jackpot. But having more shares also means that you will have to pay considerably more per ticket than anyone else. So you will have to strike a balance.

Unfortunately, even though El Gordo has a syndicate system built in, lotteryheroes.com does not offer it yet. You can break down every ticket into ten parts, which are essentially the shares everyone will pay. And depending on their share, the will get a certain percentage of the amount.

Play Lottery Games Online From Spain or Anywhere Else in The World!

Lotteryheroes.com offers a wide selection of different lottery games to choose from. If the El Gordo is not much your speed, then you can move onto other lotteries that are sure to interest you. You can play lotteries within the United States like the US Mega Millions and the US Powerball Lotto. Both of these lotteries are some of the best in the world.

You can also play various other lotteries around Europe if you want. Lotteries like the Euromillions or the Euro Jackpot might interest you more. These lotteries are also great, and have varying taxes depending on where they draw the lottery from.

Selecting Combos

But if you do not want to play just one lottery, then maybe combos will interest you. Combos are essentially similar games all rolled into a single package. You choose your numbers once, and lotteryheroes.com will run your numbers through various lotteries in the same combo. This can save you from the tedium of having to choose numbers and select lines for each lottery separately. Instead, you can just sign up with multiple lotteries by using a combo.

Combos are also considerably more affordable, as lotteryheroes.com gives you a much cheaper package. You can also find combo specific syndicates, which can allow you to greatly i9mprove your overall odds.

You will buy multiple lines of various lotteries in the combo at once, and wait for the results of each of them. If you happen to win big, you will receive a notification or an email from lotteryheroes.com. You can choose how long you will be playing this combo, and you will get those draws accordingly.

Some Popular Combos

There are various combos for you to choose from throughout the lotteryheroes.com page. You can choose the around the world combo, which collects some of the best lotteries around the world. You can play all of them at once with this combo.

If you are looking for a better risk reward lottery, why not choose The Ultimate Jackpot combo. This combo takes all of the highest jackpot lotteries and combines them into one. You can choose how long you would like to be a part of this combo with the different options there.


El Gordo Spanish Lottery (ElGordo Lotto) Online>> Play the El Gordo Spanish Christmas Lottery Game Online – Click Here!

The El Gordo is one of the oldest lotteries currently running. In fact, it is the second oldest lottery running, with its debut all the way back in 1812 Spain. And since the 1800s, El Gordo has been running along for every year without fail, even during civil wars, this lottery was giving out prizes to its people.

But unlike most other lotteries around the world, El Gordo runs very differently. Despite using a two ball system, they do not have a winner takes all system. In fact, multiple people can win the jackpot prize. In 2019, 170 different people won the jackpot prize of €4 million. Multiple people winning the prize mainly comes down to their tickets, and how they allow people to have the same numbers.

Other than the tickets, the event is also very long. Since it is a yearly event, they take their time announcing the results and celebrating the winners. It can often take hours before you find out if you won. But thanks to lotteryheroes.com you can find out if you win big, and play from anywhere in the world.

Lotteryheroes.com is your one stop shop for all your lottery needs. They help connect you to all of the various lotteries around the world, essentially allowing you to play without geo restrictions. When you start playing you will be making an account which will be holding all of your funds. That same account will also hold all of your winnings that you accumulate throughout your time playing.

However, it can take some time for your funds to come. Specifically, if you win more than €50,000, you will have to wait a few weeks before the funds reach you. These are just a few mandatory background checks and verifications.

If you like playing the lottery, then you are going to enjoy playing the El Gordo every Christmas. Be sure to keep yourself free this December, because you will be winning big.