Playing Florida Lotto Brings in $28 Million Prize for Panama Man

Playing Florida Lotto Brings in $28 Million Prize for Panama Man

The Florida Lottery is excited talking about a man from Panama and his huge win he has managed to claim to play the Florida Lotto. The Panama man must be having the best time of his life after winning such huge prize money.

The Florida lottery team has confirmed that the particular player is a resident from Panama. The name of the winner is Moorjani Moorjani who is a 46-year-old resident from Colon, and now a multi-millionaire after playing the Florida Lotto game.

The officials have confirmed that Moorjani had participated in the March 27, 2021 lottery draw held for the Florida Lotto. For Moorjani, it was a regular gig playing the Florida Lott draw games and this one just got better for him. For playing the 27 March draw for the Florida Lotto game, he ended up winning a jackpot prize money of $28 million.

The lottery officials had been waiting for Moorjani to show up and claim his prize but the player never turned up. At that time, the Florida lottery team did not even know the name of the winner so they hoped that the player would turn up in a month or two.

Moorjani finally made contact with them towards the end of April and discussed the next steps to avoid any confusion. Later on, Moorjani reportedly visited the Tallahassee site, which is the Florida lottery’s head office, and claimed the prize money from there.

As Moorjani visited the head office, he was provided with two options just like any other jackpot prize winner. Moorjani had to decide whether he would like to go for the one-time amount or would like to receive his money on a yearly basis.

It was not a surprise that Moorjani decided to go with the entire amount in a single go and left the headquarters with $20,856,051.93 in his bank account.

The player is now one of the richest lottery players in the entire Panama region. Even after the federal and state tax deductions, Moorjani was able to walk away with more than $20 million in his bank account.

The officials are excited for Moorjani and are eager to witness how he changes his life after winning the prize money.

The officials have confirmed Moorjani had purchased his $28 million prize-winning Florida Lotto ticket from Griffin 441 Shell station. The particular station is located at 4801 South Stated Road 7, Davie.

The store will also be receiving their bonus commission for helping Moorjani win huge prize money. The particular site is to receive a whopping $100,000 bonus commission for managing to sell such a huge amount of winning tickets.

The store manager was also very ecstatic about the win, stating that ever since people got to know their store sold the jackpot prize-winning ticket, they have not to find time to rest.