Playing Virginia Lottery Turns into $383,045 Prize for Lynchburg Man

Playing Virginia Lottery Turns into $383,045 Prize for Lynchburg Man

The Virginia Lottery team is in the house again with another exciting announcement of a win claimed by a man from Lynchburg. This time, the VA Lottery is here to share the story of Phillip Dodgion who is a resident of Lynchburg and is now a rich man as well.

The lottery officials have confirmed that the player had opted for the Cash 5 with EZ Match ticket that is considered to be one of the most prominent lottery draw games ever produced by the VA Lottery.

The operator has revealed that the draw that Dodgion had chosen to play was to be held on January 17, 2021, for Cash 5 with EZ Match. From the numbers that were drawn, Phillip Dodgion managed to match all five of the lucky numbers and a huge prize waited for him at the end.

The draw that the player had participated in had a jackpot prize money of $383,045 and he managed to bag it all at once. The lucky numbers that Phillip Dodgion was blessed with from the draw were 14-17-8-3-5.

To the player’s surprise, all five numbers ended up matching on his ticket and he walked away with the jackpot prize money.

The player had purchased his lucky ticket for the Cash 5 with EZ Match game from Food Lion. The store is situated at 4925 Boonesboro Road (Lynchburg).

The lottery officials revealed that when the winner came in to claim the prize money, he took the time to talk to them about his winning.

The player informed the officials that he had completely forgotten about the ticket he had purchased for the Cash 5 with EZ Match game. However, he recently visited the website for the Virginia Lottery where he happened to see the results for the January 17 draw for the Powerball game.

When he saw the numbers, he quickly reached out for the ticket in his wallet and started matching the numbers because the numbers he could see on the website looked familiar.

To the player’s surprise, the number he had selected, all managed to be on the website. This meant that he had achieved the unachievable and won the jackpot prize of $383,045.

The player also shocked the officials by revealing how he came up with the numbers that turned lucky for him. He stated that he had used the combinations that he had picked up for his family’s birthdays. He stated that his family has always been on his side and even in the lottery game, they proved to be his lucky charm.

The player informed the officials that he hasn’t informed his family about the win because he wants to surprise them. The player stated that he is planning to take his entire family to Europe and spend a lot of quality time together once the travel restrictions are lifted.