Powerball Player Takes Home $285 Million Jackpot in Florida

Powerball Player Takes Home $285 Million Jackpot in Florida

One lucky winner from Florida is the latest winner of a whopping sum of $285 million in the 5 June Powerball drawing.

The Powerball player from Florida won the jackpot that has been sitting untouched since the 27 March draw. During this time span of more than two months, the jackpot amount had accumulated to $285.6 million.

With the next Powerball drawing, the jackpot amount shall start from $20 million, having a cash option of $13.8 million.

The Powerball numbers for the white balls for this particular draw were 44-52-54-64-69, while the red Powerball was 26. For anyone who opted for the Power Play option, the lucky number was 3.

This Powerball draw saw many other winners too including a $1 million win. The winning lottery ticket worth the $1 million prize was sold in Puerto Rico and matched all five white balls. The winner was rather luckier than the $1 million as their Power Play luck worked. Their prize was multiplied by two increasing their winnings to $2 million.

Michigan saw a win of $50,000 in the Powerball draw. The amount accounted for the largest prize to be won by the state in this 5 June draw of the Powerball.

The Powerball draw has other rather smaller wins too. 788,567 tickets that were sold for this draw won up to $4 and out of this 24,944 winners were from Michigan.

Currently, in addition to Washington DC, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico forty-four states of the US offer Powerball. A selection of the white numbers is to be made from numbers between 1 and 69 while the red number is chosen from 1 to 26.

Another lottery game that is as popular as Powerball is the Mega Millions which is played every Tuesday and Friday. The results for this lottery draw are also anticipated biweekly just like the Powerball. The Mega Millions draw that will be played this week is expected to generate a jackpot of $56 million. This will make $38.3 million in cash.

This year Mega Millions saw one of its biggest jackpots wins of all times when a Wolverine lottery club won $1.05 billion. The winnings were claimed by the group and they desired to spend it on the betterment of their society. It was the lottery club’s lawyer who claimed the prize amount on behalf of the group.

Players should be vigilant when participating in any of the lottery games. Sometimes players forget about the games they’ve participated in and end up missing out on claiming big prizes. Back in 2019 a winning ticket worth $1 million prize amount went unclaimed. The winner never claimed their prize and it expired, eventually making its way to the School Aid Fund of the State.