SuperEnalotto Canada – How to Play SuperEnalotto Online in Canada

SuperEnalotto Canada – How to Play SuperEnalotto Online in Canada

Can I Play SuperEnalotto In Canada?

The short answer is Yes you can! Click Here to play now

Everything That You Need To Know About SuperEnalotto

superenalottoLooking at people winning the lottery can really get you thinking that you want to be a winner as well. but if you are thinking you can’t win the lottery, that is simply not true. The odds of winning the lottery have always been the same for everyone. So if you want to play the lottery and win, you can do it just like everyone else, especially the SuperEnalotto. And here we are going to tell you everything that you need to know about the SuperEnalotto, and how to play it.

History of the SuperEnalotto

Lotteries have been commonplace throughout the years. And while most lotteries came about in the 80s or 90s, the SuperEnalotto came about in the 1950s. The Enalotto lottery started in the early 1950s, and was one of the oldest lotteries in Europe. Since the 50s till the 90s the Enalotto remained mostly the same with few changes.

Finally, in 1997 the Sisal Lottery group changed the original Enalotto to create the new SuperEnalotto. This changed a few rules for the game as well as how participants will choose the numbers on their tickets.

The second major change to the SuperEnalotto came in 2009, where they changed how they would draw the winning numbers. They also changed how people would choose numbers on their tickets, to ensure that there are no identical numbers. This system also ensured that the least people had the same lottery numbers.

Draw Days and Time

The SuperEnalotto is a very unique lottery, be sheer virtue of its different draws every week. While most lotteries settle at two draws every week, SuperEnalotto goes above and beyond with three draws every week. So if you wanted to participate in all of the three draws every week, you will have to get three separate tickets.

The SuperEnalotto is very similar to the Australian Lotto series of lotteries, where you can play three draws every week. But the main difference here is that the SuperEnalotto is a single lottery, whereas the Lotto series are three different lotteries.

There are a total of three draw days throughout the week for SuperEnalotto. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays are when they will announce the winner of the lottery. The draw will always occur on these days, unless there is a special draw.

Now that we told you about the days of the lottery draw, let’s move onto the time they will draw the results. The cut off time for the draw is at 8:00PM Rome local time. Since they will draw the results in Rome, you will they will cut off the tickets at 8:00PM local time.

Special Draws of SuperEnalotto throughout the Year

Special draws have become quite popular among most lotteries. These special draws refer to the unique events that call for different draws form the regular ones. They will usually feature unique rules or odds to the original game. However, the most common thing that changes in each special draw are the prizes. The jackpot and it corresponding prizes often increase significantly, bringing a lot more people to play than usual.

SuperEnalotto has special draws under the name of the SuperEnalotto Raffle. Their special draws happen occasionally throughout the year, and they bring a new approach to these draws. Whereas most lotteries offer large sums of money for its prizes, the SuperEnalotto offers prizes to a lot more people. They want more people to go home with prizes than for one player in particular to take home a massive prize.

Their special draws usually give out 100 people a specific amount of money. Their La Febbre del Sabato special draw lasted throughout October, giving 100 people €10,000 every week. So while no one was able to take home a massive prize, close to 400 people were able to take €10,000 in cash.

They also have a special draw on Christmas, which is very similar to the other special draws. During the Christmas draw they will give away €100,000 to 100 lucky winners. As you can see this is a major leg up than their other special draws. Of course, this special draw only takes place once a year during Christmas.



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Most Notable Jackpots Wins

Since the SuperEnalotto rollover their jackpots if no one wins, their prizes can grow significantly over time. One of their most notable wins includes a syndicate winning €177 million. The draw took place on October 30th, 2010, and gathered all of that money over eight months of rollovers. The syndicate that took home the prize had 70 members, each of whom got a share of the winning amount.

Another very notable win came from an individual in Bagnone, who won the jackpot of over €147 million. Since the win went to one person, it was the biggest lottery win in Europe.

Rules to Play

One thing that almost every lottery shares to some extent is the fundamental rules of playing the lottery. The rules for every lottery are more or less the same, with minor differences that differentiae them from others.

Some will use supplementary or special numbers that change the game in different ways. Others will have you choose main numbers without the special numbers in order to play. Some will have game modes where you can play for the jackpot. And others will have multipliers that will allow participants to multiply their winnings by the multiplier.

SuperEnalotto is no different, as it has similar rules to most other lotteries but does  differ from them in many ways as well.

How to Play the SuperEnalotto

To play the lottery you will have to first buy a ticket. This ticket will have your numbers on it, which you can compare to the winning numbers after the draw. If the both of them match, you will win the jackpot. Since the ticket is what starts off your journey that is a great place to start.

To participate in the SuperEnalotto, you will first buy their ticket, which will have space for 6 numbers. Each of these numbers will be unique from each other. More importantly, you will be able to choose your numbers between 1 and 90.

When choosing your numbers, you might not have much connection to them. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what the numbers are to you. You can choose the quick pick option, which prints out a quick ticket for you with random numbers. You can also choose to randomize your numbers and select the different numbers that you like.

When they draw the results, they will draw six random numbers as well. However, your six numbers might not match the ones they drew. You might have been a number or two off. Fortunately, there are more prizes that you can still qualify for with the numbers that you have.

After they draw the six main numbers, they will draw one jolly number. The jolly number is for people who matched five numbers but are missing one. If they match the jolly number as well, they will win the second division prize. But if they don’t match the final jolly number, they can still win the third division prize.

Buying the Tickets for the Draw

Before you can win the jackpot, you have to try your luck at playing by buying a ticket for the draw. Since, there are three draws every week, you will have to buy tickets for each one if you want to participate in all of them.

Yu can buy tickets for each draw locally throughout various retailers. Tickets are also available online throughout various websites like There is no difference buying the tickets locally or online, as they will all go into the lottery.

But buying the tickets is not everything, you will have to buy them before a certain time. The cut off time for sales of SuperEnalotto tickets is 8:00PM local time in Rome. The cut off time means that ticket you buy after 8:00PM will not go into that day’s lottery. Instead, you have just bought a ticket for the next lottery.

You can also add a superstar number to your ticket. This superstar number will open a new world of opportunities for you, as matching the superstar number will give you new prizes. This number will also be between 1 and 90, so it is possible to have the same superstar number as a main number. If you happen to get the superstar number, you can win massive prizes on top of the regular tiered prizes.

Odds of Winning the SuperEnalotto

One thing that any lottery has to get right, are the odds of winning. If the odds are too out of an individual’s reach, they will not play the lottery. The best way to balance lower odds is with a higher jackpot prize. If a lottery offers a massive jackpot prize players will consider playing the lottery despite the higher odds.

The odds for playing the SuperEnalotto are:

Jackpot = 1 in 622,614,630

2nd tier = 1 in 103,769,105

3rd tier = 1 in 1,250,230

4th tier = 1 in 11,907

5th tier = 1 in 327

6th tier = 1 in 22

The odds of winning the SuperEnalotto superstar prizes are a little different:

Jackpot = 1 in 56,035,316,700

2nd tier = 1 in 9,339,219,450

3rd tier = 1 in 112,520,716

4th tier = 1 in 1,071,626

5th tier = 1 in 29,404

6th tier = 1 in 1,936

7th tier = 1 in 303

8th tier = 1 in 138



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The prize for any lottery is what brings customers to play. It is the main selling point, which puts a lto of pressure on lotteries to make a good reward. Other than having a good reward, they also need to have good enough odds to get the prizes. Since we already talked about the odds earlier, let’s talk about the prizes now. Here are all the rewards for each tier:

6 main numbers = €69,000,000

5 main numbers + Jolly number = €590,000

5 main numbers = €50,000

4 main numbers = €350

3 main numbers = €27

2 main numbers = €5

These were all of the prizes without the superstar number. Moreover, the above numbers refer to averages, so your prizes may vary considerably.

6 main numbers + Superstar Number = Jackpot + €2,000,000

5 main numbers + Jolly number + Superstar Number = 2nd Tier Prize + €1,000,000

5 main numbers + Superstar Number = 3rd Tier Prize multiplied by 25

4 main numbers + Superstar Number = 4th Tier Prize multiplied by 100

3 main numbers + Superstar Number = 5th Tier Prize multiplied by 100

2 main numbers + Superstar Number = €100

1 main numbers + Superstar Number = €10

0 main numbers + Superstar Number = €5


Rollovers are a common thing among most lotteries, as they make the draws much more exciting. In a matter of months, the draw prize will reach an incredible high that dwarfs most special draws. And luckily, you will find that the SuperEnalotto’s prizes do rollover.

Moreover, unlike most other lotteries have a cap for when the rollover will stop, SuperEnalotto does not have that. So a jackpot can rollover for months until someone wins it. This creates a very exciting dynamic where players will come in hoping to win that massive jackpot.

Prize Multipliers and Minimum Jackpot

SuperEnalotto has prize multipliers in the form of the superstar number you choose. If you happen to match the superstar number they draw, your prizes will increase significantly with them. While the jackpot and 2nd prize will only increase by €2 million and €1 million respectively, other tiers will multiply.

The starting jackpot prize is €2 million which increases with every draw.

Winning a Prize through

Playing the lottery online through a website can feel intimidating, as you can be at the other end of a scam. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that when you are playing through Not only are they safe, but they also offer you a very easy going experience.

 When you sign up to play on, you will create an account. While this account will require you to fill in some details, it will also be the major way that you will make transactions. Other than buying tickets, the account will also hold of your winnings. Therefore, if you win, you can rest assured your prizes are coming your way.

You can also check the results of your lotteries by going to their pages on the website. When you are on the website, simply go the individual WebPages of the lotteries to check the results. Checking the results can be beneficial, as it allows you to see if a lottery is worth betting on yet or not. Since most lotteries have rollovers to consider, including the SuperEnalotto, you can check how big the jackpot is. And if it is big enough, you can move onto betting on it.

Increasing Your Odds of Winning through Syndicates

You might be wondering how you can improve your odds of winning the lottery. With a jackpot that high, you will want to take any chance you can to win. However, there is only one way that you can increase your chances of winning the lottery, and that is by buying more tickets. But you can only buy so many tickets before it actively becomes more expensive. And that is where a syndicate comes in.

Earlier we mentioned how a syndicate was able to win the massive jackpot of €177 million. Those 70 members in the syndicate al pooled their money together so that they can buy more tickets and win. This is a great way of improving your odds of winning, as you do not have to worry about the rising costs. You can significantly reduce the costs of playing the lottery by playing with a syndicate.

Combos for the Win

Other than playing with syndicates, you can also play combos. Combos are a collection of different lotteries, each of which is similar in some way. All you have to do is choose your combo and how long you will be playing, leaving the rest to



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Winning prizes from anywhere in the world

One of the biggest advantages of playing the lottery online through the SuperEnalotto is that you can receive winnings from anywhere. Usually, you would need to be in the same country as the lottery to receive it. But with you don’t have to be in the same country or anywhere close. You can sit back and relax as Lottery Heroes brings your winnings to you in your account. You can check your winnings through the website, to ensure that you got your winnings.

Lump Sum or Annuity

After winning the lottery you will have to make a very important decision. You will have to choose whether you want your winnings in the form of lump sum or annuity. Both of these options have their own benefits, and it all comes down to what you would prefer. Would you rather have monthly payments, or would you rather have a lump sum payment.

You should know that lump sum payments are lower than the total annuity payment that you would get. On the other hand, you will be able to get your winnings instantly rather than receive small portions of them over one or two decades.

History of Winners Taking Lump Sum or Annuity Payments

The most common option that nearly every winner has taken over the years is lump sum. Very few people have ever decided to take annuity payments, seeing how they are able to get a large chunk of money instantly.

On the other hand, the winnings are subject to an 8% tax withholding. So before the amount reaches you, lottery officials will deduct the taxes from it. You might also need to consult a professional about any duties that you might have to pay on the amount you receive.

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The SuperEnalotto is one of Europe’s biggest lotteries set in Italy. One of the single biggest jackpot winners in Europe won over €140 million. They have come a long way from their early rules, to become a massive lottery in Europe.

Starting back in the early 1950s, they are one of the oldest running lotteries in the world. However, the Sisal group was able to modify the original Enalotto lottery to make the SuperEnalotto that we know today. And with that modification came a number of changes to the rules and much more.

The rules of the game changed considerably in order to become friendlier to current players. The game had six unique winning figures, all of which came from a pool of 90 numbers. This completely changed the odds of the game as well. They also added the superstar number, which added another layer to the odds of the initial numbers. It would also change the prizes completely.

SuperEnalotto is a great lottery to play by sheer virtue of its incredible jackpots. On average, their jackpots are able to reach over €60 million. Their other prizes are also quite massive, with the superstar multiplier further increasing their incredible prizes.



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