The Most Popular Lotteries Played Online

The Most Popular Lotteries Played Online

There are various lottery games people can play inside the United States, just like other North American Provinces. The rules of the most popular lotteries are quite similar and fall under the standard. The main difference is the title given to each specific lottery game.

With, it is no longer necessary to be a resident of a particular state or country to play its lottery games. So you can take your pick out of a global selection. The most famous and most played lottery game today is Powerball. It is the appeal of a massive jackpot prize and great winning odds that attract people from all walks of life to this game. From the comfort of your home, you can play any popular lottery around the globe. Simply check the game’s history and winning numbers – and play for your chance to hit the bonanza! is, by far, the most compensating website that offers a wide selection of today’s most mainstream lotteries.

Similarly to the US Powerball, the renowned Mega Millions is also an American lottery. What makes Mega Millions and Powerball so popular is the giant jackpots and the other prize tiers (which are also quite substantial). The odds of winning the Mega Millions have no rivals. This means you can continue playing until the point where you win an actual prize! Before Powerball’s record-breaking win a year ago, Mega Millions held the title for the biggest jackpot ever won for quite a while.

Super EnaLotto

American lotteries are famous for their enormous prizes, yet this doesn’t mean they are the best on the planet. We can’t ignore the European mammoth, the Italian SuperEnaLotto. This phenomenal lottery game dates back to the 50s! It has undergone numerous updates throughout the years and has gained an ever-increasing number of fans and players.

US Powerball Lotto

For some online lottery players, this American monster is, hand-down, the top choice. The main reason is that the jackpot starts at a staggering $40 million! Also, this big prize rolls over weekly, stacking up more money until it reaches enormous sums of money.


The EuroMillions is our next contestant for the best lottery on the planet. This European lottery’s draws are always an exciting event, but the thing that gets players genuinely pumped about this game is the unexpected super draws. The super draw is an exclusive event that just happens a few times each year, and the prizes can blow up into gigantic sums (like 190 million EUR).


Our last option for the coveted ‘Best Lottery’ title is another European lottery, the EuroJackpot. It was launched shortly after the EuroMillions was born, and the guidelines are quite similar in both games. Nations who couldn’t play the EuroMillions lottery before we had the internet were driven to establish their very own European lottery. That’s how the EuroJackpot was conceived. The jackpots can get really extensive, with totals coming to up to 90 million EUR