The AU$50 Million Powerball Lottery Winner Finally Comes Forward

The AU$50 Million Powerball Lottery Winner Finally Comes Forward

One of the oldest lottery games in Australia is finally back with an announcement of a winner of the Powerball Lottery Game. The Lott is really excited that the player has finally shown up to claim the prize that they were eager to give away to the rightful owner.

The lottery officials shared in a statement that they had been in search of the winner ever since the draw took place. They were eager to meet and greet the winner, and congratulate him on his huge win. The player is now the luckiest person in entire Australia or one can say the entire world for winning a jackpot prize from the Powerball Lottery.

The Lott officials had informed the entire lottery community that all the operator knew was that the winner was from Mackay, Queensland. As per the operator, the player did not know initially that he was the winner but when realized it, the player went crazy.

The ticket that the blessed winner had purchased for the Powerball Lottery draw was held back on Thursday, February 18, 2021. The Lott has confirmed that it was the draw number: 1292 for the Powerball Lottery game that turned lucky for the winner.

As the player managed to win the jackpot, he took home the largest lottery prize of the year 2021 that was for AU$50 million.

Since the draw took place, the officials were constantly looking for the winner. The only way for the operators to contact the winners is by getting in touch with them through the details they provide when they register their winnings online or at the shops.

However, if a player never turns up to notify the operator or the retail shops about the win, then the lottery officials can only hope for the winner to turn up any day.

This is exactly what The Lott was going through with this particular win as the winning had not been registered through the platform. Therefore, the officials waited, doubting whether the player would ever turn up to claim the win.

That is when they saw the winning registration being placed through The Lott’s portal and had the chance to contact the winner. The operators stated that when they contacted the winner and confirmed the news, the player went into a state of shock.

The player asked and confirmed the winning numbers several times before he was convinced that he was the AU$50 million jackpot prize winner and went crazy.

The operators could hear him running out and telling his neighbors about the $50 million jackpot prize-winning. The player informed that he had completely forgotten about the ticket due to long hour shifts at work but he had kept it inside his wallet.

As soon as he got the chance, he checked the ticket and was completely taken away from the outcome. The player is planning to retire early from his job and spend the rest of his life enjoying and spending quality time with family.