“The Lott” Player Bags a AU$100,000 Win from Instant Scratch-Its

“The Lott” Player Bags a AU$100,000 Win from Instant Scratch-Its

The Lott is back to bring you the story of a man who ended up bursting into tears and cried a lot as the fortune knocked at his door. The player found himself to be the luckiest in the entire Sunnybank when he scratched a lottery ticket and become $100,000 richer.

The lottery officials have revealed that it was the “Instant Scratch-Its” game that the player from Sunnybank had played. This play turned out to be the luckiest of the player’s life so far and he bagged a $100k in the process.

The executives at “The Lott” have confirmed that the store that sold the $100,000 prize-winning ticket was TSG & Newsagency. The confirmed location of the TSG & Newsagency is at Jackson Road Shopping Village. The particular store can be found at Shop 11B, 397 Hellawell Road (Sunnybank Hills).

The player had a very interesting story to tell when he had visited the lottery head office to claim the prize. The winner informed the media personnel that he was taken by shock when he scratched the ticket and learned that he had won the $100,000 prize.

The player informed the officials that he had been playing “The Lott” for a really long time. For decades, he had tried different games powered by “The Lott”, but none of them turned lucky for him.

However, as the player was spending only a fraction of money on the lottery games, he did not mind losing a few bucks every single week. But then the pandemic hit the entire world in the year 2020 and things turned upside down for everyone.

Although he tried his best to keep up with the lottery games even throughout the pandemic and he did, but things did not look good for him in the coming months.

This is when he decided that it was going to be the last game he was going to play ever. The next challenge for him was to pick the game he was going to play for “The Lott”. That is when he thought about purchasing the $5 Instant Scratch-Its ticket for the Scrabble game.

The player stated that as it was going to be the last game he was going to play, he brought it home and decided to scratch it after having a beautiful dinner all by himself.

Once done with dinner, he started scratching the card and he realized that he had just won $10,000. He was already very excited to see the prize but that is when he realized the mistake he had made. He had not counted the full zeroes in the lottery prize money and when he rechecked, the prize was $100,000 instead of 10 grands.

The player stated that the second he realized that he had become a rich person, he started crying with joy and emotions. The player has confirmed that he will be using the money to pay off his mortgage and other loans. Then he is going to go for a short vacation away from all the troubles and daily routines to get some peace of mind.