The Unclaimed NCEL Lottery Ticket Comprising $300,000 Was Sold In North Carolina

The Unclaimed NCEL Lottery Ticket Comprising $300,000 Was Sold In North Carolina

A news report suggested that a prize money of US$ 319,692 out of the North Carolina Education Lottery (NCEL) had remained unclaimed.

In the recent past, NCEL had announced its lotto’s results which revealed that US$ 319,692 had been won by someone. Furthermore, it was found out that the person who bought the ticket belonged to North Carolina.

If someone is residing in North Carolina and has an NCEL ticket, then it is time to reach out to your wallet. There is a chance that you would be the lucky winner of US$ 319,692.

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It was revealed later on that the winning ticket was obtained from a convenience store called Gastonia. However, since nobody has yet claimed the reward money, it seems that the winner is not aware of his win. However, the results were also broadcasted on Carolina’s local radio stations as well as on the internet.

The lottery officials were curious to find out the lucky person who won this mega jackpot of worth $319,692.

The lottery official also shared this information on their official Twitter account and duly displayed the lucky number. However, the lotto’s officials are still waiting for the lucky person to claim the jackpot amount.

Meanwhile, the official of the lotto also told that the ticket was bought at Kendrick Road. It is likely that the winner may have been residing there or somewhere near to it. But because the ticket is found to be unregistered therefore the lotto’s official cannot themselves contact the winner.

As per the rules of the game, the prize money is to be claimed within a period of 6 months. Even a single day above this 6 months period would not allow the winner to claim the prize money. So whoever is the winner he or she needs to immediately contact the lotto before the 6 months period expires.

Those prizes which remained unclaimed are then deposited in the State’s Treasury. The state then divides this unclaimed amount into two shares. One share is provided to fund the Lottery’s education fund. The other share of the unclaimed amount is then given back to the lottery. The lotto’s share is then used to increase the amount of the next jackpot.