Three New Lottery Games Announced by Florida Lottery

Three New Lottery Games Announced by Florida Lottery

The Florida Lottery is back again with a huge announcement but this time it is not informing you about lottery wins but lottery games. For years, the Florida Lottery has been achieving many milestones and is constantly pushing forward with new games and plays.

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The Florida Lottery is has been making constant efforts to introduce more lottery games for Florida citizens. The lottery officials have been providing more opportunities and options to the players that they can choose and increase their prize-winning chances.

It has been observed that the majority of the sales come from scratch-card games. The majority of the lottery games from around the world as well as the United States have reported the same. This is the reason why the majority of the lottery games are now introducing more and more scratch-off games.

The reason why people go for these games is that they are instant and the players do not have to wait for the draws to take place. They can simply purchase the ticket, scratch it, and find out if they have won a prize or not.

On several occasions, the Florida Lottery has reported the same and it was the end of 2020 when FL Lottery officials had hinted that they may be introducing more scratch-card games for the players.

The Florida Lottery has finally kept its promise and has introduced not just 1 but 3 lottery games for the locals. The name of the first lottery game is Fast Cash, Honeycomb, and Lucky 7s. The Florida Lottery has confirmed that all three games they have introduced belong to the Fast Play games category.

The Florid Lottery marketing team has also announced that the players will be able to purchase the tickets for either of the tickets by spending a small amount ranging between $1 and $5.

The first game is “Fast Cash” whose ticket can be purchased with just $1 and the scratch-card is composed of symbols that decide the winner. The players can match these symbols up to 15 times and this provides them the opportunity to win $3,000 instantly. The odds for winning prize money from the Fast Cash instant scratch-card game is 1 in 4.55.

The second game is “Honeycomb” whose scratch-card can be purchased for $2. In the Honeycomb game, the players are required to match all 6 lucky numbers and they can win up to $10,000 from the game. The odds of winning a prize from the Honeycomb game are 1 in 3.72.

The third game is “Lucky 7s”, whose tickets range from $1 to $5. By playing the Lucky 7s scratch-card game, the players have the opportunity of winning up to $50,000. When playing the Lucky 7s game, the odds of winning the prize are 1 in 3.16.

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