Unclaimed Amounts of Lotto Prizes Mounted Upto $15 Million in Australia

Unclaimed Amounts of Lotto Prizes Mounted Upto $15 Million in Australia

An Australian news report confirmed that there is around $15 Million which is waiting for its owners to claim it.

The details of the news suggested that there are several lotto prizes whose monies haven’t been claimed by lucky winners. The unclaimed prize money comes to $ 14.85 Million exactly. It was told that 18 Australian individuals are amongst winners who’d be sharing this huge money as per their proportionate share. Out of these eighteen people, 10 are reported to be from Queensland, and six are from New South Wales. The remaining two are residents of South Australia and Australian Capital Territory respectively.

Lotto’s Officials told that since winning ticket numbers had not been registered, they couldn’t find out who are the winner. Had the tickets been registered properly then they could have on their own contacted the winners, told the officials.

Bronwyn Spencer had been an official of one of Australia’s lotto. She told that this is a great reminder for all of us not to leave our lotto tickets blank.

She also told that due to the lockdowns imposed throughout the country, the number of unclaimed prizes had increased. Resultantly, the amount unclaimed prizes kept mounting up since January 2020 till to date, she told.However, the majority of the prize winners had claimed their prize monies even in the wake of Covid-19 crisis.

She added further that generally the winners do not take this much time to claim their prizes. However, there are rules of the game which a lotto has to follow at all costs, she said. For instance to claim any prize money, there is always a deadline. In some lottos the deadline set extends of one year while in some it is only for 6 months she told. She added further that usually the deadline to claim a prize money varies from states to states. However, the Queensland lotto’s deadline extends to 7 years.

So for those who had not claimed their prize monies, they need to hurry up otherwise they will lose the money. As per the rules of most of the lottos, when the deadline expires then the amount unclaimed is given in charity. For example very recently about 1 million was given to a Covid-19 research centre in Australia for developing vaccine.