Winners of $6 Million Are All Friends Graduating From Princeton University

Winners of $6 Million Are All Friends Graduating From Princeton University

At least US$ 6 Million had been reportedly won by students of Princeton University. The news further revealed that this huge amount of money was won exclusive by 4 individuals who happened to be Graduates of the University. This had not only shocked the entire country but also the whole Administration of the University.

As per the news story published by The Indianapolis Star, it revealed that 66 winning tickets were sold to four individuals who were all friends. All four of them are graduating together from Princeton University and belong to Washington, Indiana, Missouri, and one from Ohio.

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It seems that the winning Graduates of Princeton University had all won a great deal to fund their education. Surprisingly the amount of US$ 6 Million was comprised of 66 winning tickets. But all these 66 winning tickets were purchased by the university students.

When the winners were contacted, they informed that the mastermind behind this winning was Manuel Montori. They told that Montori had convinced them all to buy a whole series of lotto tickets. He always believed that someday they would hit a mega jackpot, they said. On the other hand, Motori told that when he was buying the whole series he was certain that this time they would win. But he had never expected to win such a huge money, he told.

It was revealed that Montori alone had scratched 61 winning tickets in one day alone. Montorihad broke the earlier record of scratching the highest number of winning tickets in a day. However, a large piece of reward money landed in Montori’s pockets. The prize money he had won singly exceeded US$ 5 Million. While the rest had to be shared amongst the remaining 3.

But after their winning, many had been growing concerns about whether they had cheated the system or it was simply luck. However, so far nothing had been found which proved that they had done something wrong.

One of the professors at Berkeley also commented on their win. He stated that it is hard to believe that luck had favored them this much. Either they were God’s most favorites or they had learned something which could defeat the system, he said. He added further that he needed to get some tips from them on how to win a lottery.