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  • Sat 30 Sep
  • 2023

Saturday 30 September 2023


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€982.4 Million
Lottery Name: France Lotto
Country: France
Lottery Draw Time: Mon, Wed, Sat
Minimum Jackpot: €2,000,000
Numbers to Pick: 5 out of 49 + 1 Extra out of 10
First Prize Jackpot Odds: 1 : 19,068,840

France Loto: The French Lottery Game That Conquered Europe

Since its establishment back in 1976, France Loto (or LOTO France) created 7,900 millionaires and distributed more than 4.1 billion francs in prizes. And since France joined the European Union, this game has crowned 150 multimillionaires worldwide. And in the words of the french: Ooh la la!

With 3 weekly draws, this lottery game holds a staggering rollover potential and impressive winning odds for EVERYONE.

France Loto is so easy to play that anyone above 16 years old can play and win it. In fact, 36% оf France’s population is рlауing this gаmе on a regular basis. And now, thanks to Lottery Heroes, you don’t need to be French to get in on the action!

Alors, Don’t wait 1 second! Buy your France Loto ticket right now and get ready to take home “Le Jackpot.”

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