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€2.6 Million
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  • Sat 30 Sep
  • 2023

Saturday 30 September 2023


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€982.4 Million
Lottery Name: New York Lotto
Country: USA
Lottery Draw Time: Wed, Sat
Minimum Jackpot: €1,900,000
Numbers to Pick: 6 out of 59
First Prize Jackpot Odds: 1 : 45,057,474

New York Lotto: The Huge Jackpot from the Big Apple

Welcome to the most classic and well-known lottery in the entire world. Just like the iconic NYC itself, the New York Lotto is well established, famous and exciting. That’s why they gave it the slogan: “Hey, you never know…”.

It all began in 1967, and the surprises this game provided ever since are a perfect match for the city it represents. Here are just a couple of examples:
● A big stir was caused in 2004 when 1 single winner scooped a record-breaking $58 million, making them the biggest jackpot winner from US state lotteries.
● Another New York Lotto winner used the fortune to fund his life dream of becoming a Broadway star.
● A young Puerto Rican immigrant called John Falcon won the $45 million jackpot in 2005. He immediately moved from his scruffy tenement to the Trump Towers.

So, as you can see, if you can make it there - you can truly make it everywhere. Ready for YOUR life-changing prize? Get your New York Lotto ticket now!

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