Lotto PL (Poland)

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  • Sat 30 Sep
  • 2023

Saturday 30 September 2023


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€982.4 Million
Lottery Name: Lotto PL (Poland)
Country: Poland
Lottery Draw Time: Tue, Thu, Sat
Minimum Jackpot: €432,000
Numbers to Pick: 6 out of 49
First Prize Jackpot Odds: 1 : 13,983,816

Lotto PL: Poland’s Millionaire-Making Secret - Revealed

Lotto PL is Poland’s most loved lottery. For years it was the Polish people’s exclusive game, but in the past couple of years, it started to attract fans from all over the world thanks to its simplicity and high jackpots.

After its establishment in 1957 as Toto Lotek, Lotto PL (or Poland Lotto) has surpassed all expectations by making millionaires out of numerous Polish citizens. There’s no limit on the jackpots and winning is relatively easy - these are the key features that attract more and more players from across the globe. So even though it’s one of the oldest games in Europe, Lotto PL just gets better with time. Like fine Polish wine!

Plus - there are 3 weekly draws - so the nonstop action lasts all week long, and the grand prize keeps growing by the day.

And thanks to Lottery Heroes, you don’t need to travel to Warsaw to play this exciting game! Buy your Lotto PL ticket today!

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